How did I get started and where can you use me?

I started playing around with my parents' DSLR in 2003, but put it on hold for some ten years.

In 2012, Roskilde Festival used some of my pictures taken with my iPhone as I attended their event. I was determined to take higher quality pictures when I returned to the festival in 2013. So the day before the festival started, I reinvested in equipment and started getting serious again.  Turned out to be a smart choice, as Roskilde Festival have been using my pictures every years, ever since.

Pure chance would bring me out to the OCR field in 2014. Nordic Race hosted an event right next to my house, and I ran out on the/in the track and took pictures. I asked if they wanted copies, which they gladly accepted. The rest is history, and I've been a steady photographer for Toughest (Scandinavia's leading OCR organiser) ever since.

I love working on projects that requires the photographer to move around and keep up with the subject. I'm not really the type of photographer who stands still, but rather follow the subject if needed. If you need this kind of guy, do not hesitate to contact me.